What's happening with logistics today?

Online sales booming

Online sales are growing at over 42% per year, and that trend doesn’t show signs of slowing and neither does the customer’s ramping expectation of cheaper, faster and more efficient deliveries.

Warehouse pressures

With the increase in online sales more and more pressure is being placed on getting goods, picked accurately, quickly and ready for shipping at sometimes, a moment’s notice.


Shipping Management Worries

The challenges facing the shipping manager are many including the pressure of striking a happy medium between cost effective shipping and the perfect customer experience.


Shippers are faced with having to determine the best routes, drivers and vehicles to handle more and more shipments with shorter and shorter delivery times.

New Age Problems

Choosing competent, professional and efficient New Age delivery providers is difficult to accomplish when they are only needed ad-hoc and contracted without being vetted.


Strong competition amongst retailers is pushing down prices and at the same time customers are demanding – faster, cheaper or free deliveries.

How ShipGenie makes a real difference


The e-commerce package delivery is forecasted to grow at 42% annually (per Mckinsey study) making it one of the most complex, customer facing  and fastest evolving functions for merchants in retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, CPG etci.

And for merchants coping with these rapidly expanding demands, the person with the most challenging role is the Shipping Manager who is working with multiple providers, trying to keep pace with a vast array of changing technology and many different sources of procurement.

At ShipGenie we have a deep understanding of all these issues. Our solution comes from living the challenges and knowing that there needs to be a better way.

For a start, we know that there just aren’t enough providers who can lower the cost of last mile deliveries. Currently, just this portion alone makes up 53% of the total shipping cost. When I say we’re in a “perfect storm”, all of you in the retail industry know exactly what I mean.

ShipGenie brings together all the people that can bring about a positive change, what you might call the new-age delivery providers – private drivers and subcontractors for example – as well as the conventional providers.

We’ve developed a simple but powerful platform that incorporates the very best of enterprise technology, coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We have simplified and streamlined every process – from ordering all the way through to shipping. And we’ve combined it all with the sole intention of easing the burden on those faced with shipping challenges.

ShipGenie is your empathetic and completely reliable assistant and your partner in the shipping process.

Shipping teams for merchants have been struggling with decades old software, unreliable service providers and arcane processes. With Delivery Experience being brought to the forefront of the overall Customer Experience agenda, it is high time that these teams are provided with LiveLogistics approach, modern technology tools and above all, services which helps them focus on their customers and not on service providers or tools.

This is what ShipGenie provides as their true assistive partner.