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usps manages all mailing operations efficiently and quickly through its features of validation, editing and viewing

ShipGenie has been associated with USPS carrier to make shipments for both domestic and international destinations easier and streamlined. USPS carrier is tightly integrated with ShipGenie Enterprise Application to make shipment a user-friendly experience.


Making shipment through USPS with its limited features & services is not sufficient to meet client/customer needs as their demands keep varying such as customized shipping-label with carrier bar-code and invoicing details or shipped item details on it. This is not possible with USPS carrier as all they can provide is pre-formatted shipping labels only. To fix this problem, we have the best solution, an intelligently designed shipping solution.


ShipGenie Enterprise Application is fully integrated with USPS carrier to bring out the best for you. Use your existing USPS account to immediately activate a host of advanced features with the carrier. ShipGenie Enterprise Application delivers support for both domestic and international shipping for fast, efficient labeling, real-time shipment tracking, rate shopping, rate comparing & customizable shipping labels printing on demand. Whether you ship 50 or 10,000 shipments per day, ShipGenie Enterprise Application can significantly streamline your shipping operations.

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