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Shipping Software for UPS allows you to ship, manifest, track and load data, making it easy to enable your internal systems or websites to ship with multiple carriers

UPS carrier for domestic and international shipments is now integrated with ShipGenie Enterprise Application in an effort to provide users an exciting in-built features to make shipments even better than before.


With limited features & services of UPS carrier, it is hard to provide client/customer fast & efficient shipments in a timely manner. It may not be feasible for users to fulfill their client/customers’ requirements such as rate shopping, rate compare and print customizable shipping-labels/packaging slip etc. failing which may lead to lose of business. But this can be resolved with our intelligently designed shipping software.


ShipGenie Enterprise Application simply uses your existing UPS account to immediately activate a host of advanced shipping features for UPS shipping software. ShipGenie Enterprise Application delivers support for both domestic and international shipping for fast, efficient labeling, real-time shipment tracking, rate shopping, rate comparing and customizable shipping labels printing on demand. Whether you ship 50 or 10,000 shipments per day, Shipgenie Enterprise Application can significantly streamline your shipping operations.


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