Integration with Shipping Software Features

Rate Shopping:

  • Rate Shopping allows shipping software service logistics personnel to easily shop for the best rates, and reduce freight charges by automatically consolidating shipments bound for a common destination
  • Queries for current rate information
  • Rate shopping solutions and deliver significant cost benefits for small business
  • Ability to support multiple shipping rates per carrier with unlimited company locations and carrier accounts
  • Fully integrated and automated to offer you the best unmatched Shipping Rates available across carriers with ease
  • Cost-effective solutions and hence improves competitive edge
  • Reduction of shipping-related expenditures, fulfillment processing, resource allocation

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Multiple ERP integration:

  • Provides seamless integration with ERP systems
  • Extracts records from ERP system
  • Automatic update of tracking information in ERP
  • Cost reduction of any intermediate operations to communicate with your ERP system
  • Integrating your ERP systems to your channel systems will enable item, inventory, sales and customer information to flow into your ERP system.
  • Fully integrated multi-carrier shipping management software generating customized reports

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Integrates with Interactive & custom carriers

  • Real time access to carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL
  • Certified partner of FedEx, UPS, USPS & DHL
  • Provides rates, transit time, delivery date, tracking number, shipping labels & shipments (shipment can be performed in a batch or one at a time) across the destination
  • Configure custom/local carriers with rate & zone chart
  • Carrier specific barcodes and reports

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Cost Effective:

  • Since its SaaS (Software as a Service) based, It eliminates hardware, software & licenses cost.
  • Cuts costs by providing a centralized application, eliminating multiple applications at remote locations
  • Tracks and consolidates multiple shipments to a common destination
  • Provides a central point for system management updates eliminating the need for remote support and maintenance
  • Real-time rates compare

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Real Time Access:

  • Real Time access to commercial carriers & status of shipment.
  • Tracks shipments not delivered on time
  • Real-time access to shipment status information, tracking data and related multi carrier
  • Shipment is just a click away with Shipgenie, you can do shipment using integrated carriers and can trace out shipments movement in real-time without any hassle.
  • Shipgenie is integrated with almost all prominent carriers to provide you the best rate across the globe yet with ease & efficiency.

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Batch Processing:

  • Save time by generating labels and packing slips in batch
  • Future date shipments
  • Generates labels in batch for printing on thermal printer
  • Batch shipment


Portable Design:

  • Generates labels for printing on thermal printer
  • Scale Interface: Scales to support unlimited number of users & transactions. Provides scalable design to accommodate growth in distribution centers, contract manufacturers , centers
  • Secure: Secures limited access to ERP through secure layer for communicating host servers over Internet
  • Provides access from web portals that allow customers to use a simple Internet browser at any time and from any location to obtain up-to-date tracking and delivery information regarding their orders.

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