Real Time Access

Whether it is rate shopping, rate comparison, shipment tracking or making shipments, you have access to real-time data with the carriers. All interactive carriers such as (FedEx, US, USPS, DHL etc) including your own/local carrier are tightly integrated with ShipGenie Enterprise Application software to serve you better. We have wide range of features built in the ShipGenie software solution, few of them are :

Shipping Rate

Shipment rate plays vital role for shipment when you want to earn more profits and serve customers better. Since ShipGenie Enterprise Application software has been integrated with all carriers including your own/local carrier, it allows users with option to choose shipping rates in real-time from all these carriers at one place rather than visiting each & every carrier web portals individually. You have real time access to shipping rates from the carriers such as UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx and including your own/local carrier.

Rate Compare

ShipGenie is integrated with almost all prominent carriers to provide you the best rate across the globe with ease & efficiency. Now-a-days cost is an important factor in deciding the carrier. We have implemented this rate comparison module in such a way that it brings out the best rate from the carriers effortlessly.


Shipping tracking has been made easy with ShipGenie, all you need is just a tracking number or package id that you have got after shipping your parcel. Simply enter this tracking number or package id & track your real-time post whereabouts.


Shipment is just a click away with ShipGenie, you can do shipment using integrated carriers including your own/local carriers and can trace out shipments movement in real-time without any hassle. Shipment can be done one by one or in a batch.


If after the shipment you suddenly realize there was some error in shipment data and want to cancel/void it you can do it without any problem that too in real-time with the carriers. This has been made easier with ShipGenie Enterprise Application software.

Clients using this service, few of them are:

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