Spare Parts Deliveries

At ShipGenie, we’ve developed our digital delivery platform based on what matters to you. We have many years of experience working with companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Our solution is based on real world experience and designed to make a real difference, saving you time, money, resources and headaches.

Let’s look at what issues your facing in parts delivery.


Firstly, let’s talk about time.

When it comes to shipping parts, whether to your own field service team or to one of your customers, we all know deliveries are time-sensitive.

  • For you, choosing the right shipper, scheduling pickups, tracking, tracing and organising deliveries all takes up valuable time.
  • For your field team or customers experiencing downtime while waiting for parts is also an issue.

Secondly, what about service?

Although there are many reasons customers choose one company over another, service is what they’re ultimately looking for and success or failure are determined by the level of that service.

  • For you excellent service means dealing with reliable shippers, ensuring punctual deliveries and being able to provide excellent customer support.
  • For your teams or customers, service is all about being constantly updated with information, tracking and traceability, accurate safe deliveries and easy enquiry and followup mechanisms.

And lastly what about the price?

Price is one factor we can’t escape and unfortunatley we sometimes need to compete on price just to be in the game.

  • For you, it’s all about providing a delivery service at a price that makes sense for you. And we know it’s a mix between choosing shippers with great service and choosing those that do so affordably.
  • For your customers, price is almost always the first factor they consider, yet interestingly there’s a significant percentage of companies that prefer to pay a little more for the level of service they expect.
  • For your own service team, well they don’t generally care how much the cost is going to be unless of course it’s built into their profitability. In any case, price matters here too.


How well is your company doing?

Now let’s talk about how you’re already handling the shipping of parts followed by how ShipGenie takes all this into account and importantly then, how using ShipGenie can as we say “Make a real difference, saving you time, money resources and headaches.”

If you’re like 95% of other companies, you’ve probably got your own dedicated logistics team working in an office or warehouse somewhere checking orders as they come through, scheduling individual deliveries for each.

They probably spend time checking shippers’ schedules and delivery routes to find the best match. Then they select a few and choose the best quotes. From there they arrange pickups and delivery times and advise the recipient of all these details.

Most likely they then enter all this and more information into a spreadsheet or database to ensure others in their team or customer support are aware of all the delivery details, just in case there is an issue or complaint from the customer.

How ShipGenie can make a real difference

ShipGenie’s digital on-demand delivery exchange technology gives companies an edge when shipping parts. The cloud based solution enables them to provide a more effective, more economical and far superior delivery experience.

The platform requires no setup or special eequipment. Training is provided although this takes nov longer than an hour or so as the interface is intuitive and designed for ease of use. In fact ShipGenie enables companies to strategically reassign staff who are usually fully occupied fulfilling this role manually.

Highly scalabe and without limitations, the platform suits companies of any size, from those moving hndreds of parts [er wek to those moving thousand a day.

Fully integrated with e-commerce platforms, ShipGenie requires little to no ongoing interaction once the operator selects standardised delivery options such as particular shippers for particular geolocations or perhaps specfic negotiated rates for delivery of certain items.

Once set up ShipGenie automates much of the operational tasks and provides all parties with up to date information such as delivery schedules, tracking and Tracing.




If you’d like to learn how ShipGenie can really make a difference to your operation, why not book a no obligation one-on-one demonstartion today.