Shipping Software With Multiple ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software manages sales orders, purchase orders, financial details, inventory, suppliers, customers, and other entities required to manages your business.

When a company sells through various web channels it becomes a multi-channel business. Most of the data has to be entered again and again to support the web stores and other marketplaces. Your visibility is also limited to one single channel at a time. You can get a consolidated picture of all your clients if you integrate ShipGenie with your multi-channel system.

We integrate ShipGenie with multiple ERPs and ensure reliability throughout the entire integration process.

The following are some of the reasons why it is necessary to integrate your multi-channel system with ERP and ShipGenie:

ERP System Integration

We can integrate any ERP system with ShipGenie.

The following are few examples of ERP systems that can be integrated with ShipGenie:

The main features of the integration are:

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