Fully Integrated Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Shipping with your chosen carrier that too through their web portal and you need to sync daily shipments, rate shopping, rate comparison, shipment tracking & batch processing of shipment is going to be really difficult if you do not have well-organized multi carrier shipping software. We just have the perfect solution for you. We are committed at serving our clients/customers in the best way and so we have designed a full pack solution i.e. “Shipgenie Enterprise Application software”. This shipping product has been intelligently designed and implemented to serve you better with its in-built blended features & speed. ShipGenie Enterprise Application software is integrated with almost all available carriers in shipping & is also capable of integrating itself with your own or local carrier.

Features :

1. Rate Shopping : Enables you to shop rates across the carriers such as (FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, etc) including your own/local carrier

2. Rate Compare : Allows you to compare rates in real-time with other carriers including your own/local carrier

3. Batch Shipment : Enables you to perform shipments in batch thereby saving your time & increasing productivity

4. Batch Label Printing : Enables you to make printing of shipping labels in batch easily, resulting in less time consumption with high productivity

Benefits :

1. Reduce cost : Automatically compare rates in real-time for all shipments with all integrated carriers and produce best rate available

2. Output : Process domestic and international shipments in matter of few seconds

3. Documentation : Since, customizable shipping-labels are generated automatically, there is no need of export documentation for both domestic and international shipments

4. Visibility : Allows you to track shipment in real-time on just a click of a button

Here is a list of some of carriers :


ShipGenie is integrated with DHL carrier which enables you to ship your parcels and track them in real-time and software features quick rate comparison, automated export documentation and integration with leading business systems


UPS integrated with Shipgenie allows you to do shipment and enables you to have real-time access to shipment movement with a click of a button.
Simple and easy-to-use shipment processing as well as reduce shipping charges with cost effective rate shopping.


Enables automated Domestic and International destination shipping along with real-time tracking and confirmation of delivering of shipment.
provide FedEx integration for domestic and international services along with print commercial invoice and other export documentation for international shipments.


Enables automated Domestic and International destination shipping with real-time tracking of shipment's movement efficiently.
Streamlines the processing of USPS mail or parcels by allowing mailers to combine mail pieces of identical or different weights and rates into a single mailing and perform sophisticated pre-sort routines.

LTL Shipment Processing

Custom/Local Carrier with ShipGenie Enterprise Application software

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