Easy FedEx Shipping Solution for Business

We are integrated with our shipping software of fedex “Shipgenie Enterprise Application” to serve user with added in-built salient features.

ShipGenie, a certified partner of FedEx carrier, has FedEx integrated in the ShipGenie Enterprise Application. The application has in-built features that help in sending shipments to both domestic and international destinations.


Sending shipment with FedEx carrier can be really complicated when you have to do daily shipments, real-time shipment tracking, rate shopping, rate comparing and customize labels printing. If these are your challenges, then you are correct in choosing to know about ShipGenie Enterprise Application.


ShipGenie Enterprise Application is completely integrated with FedEx carrier. You can use you existing FedEx account to immediately activate a host of advanced features. The application supports shipments sent by both domestic and international routes.


Standard Features:

Domestic Services:

International Services:

Special Services:

Billing Options:

Clients using this service, few of them are :

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