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dhl shipping is convenient and efficient scheduling shipments with easy-to-use forms and enhanced functionality

Before ShipGenie was integrated, shipping with DHL was not a user-friendly experience as DHL shipping had limited features. But now you have a user-friendly experience with ShipGenie as it is integrated with DHL carrier to provide you more features with its in-built features along with DHL features. Shipments can be done for both domestic & international destinations.

Problem :

DHL carrier's sole web portal driven shipping may not entirely help you when you have requirements like maintenance of daily shipments, rate shopping, rate comparison with other carriers & choose the best rate available, shipment tracking on the go, batch shipments & batch customized shipping labels printing. For each & everything you have to visit their website, which again may take longer to take decision for shipments, eventually losing clients. If this is your problem then, we have the best solution for you, a full pack shipping software i.e. “ShipGenie Enterprise Application”.

Solution :

Shipgenie Enterprise Application is integrated with DHL carrier to bring out the best for you. It will enable you to maintain daily shipments, rate shopping, rate comparisons from all integrated carriers and many exciting features. Shipgenie Enterprise Application does not only provide you features related to shipping rates but also allow you to have customizable shipping labels printing, batch shipments, batch shipping label printing & real-time shipment tracking on the go at a click of a button. To activate this service in ShipGenie Enterprise Application simply key-in your existing DHL account credentials and start. Whether you ship 50 or 10,000 shipments per day, Shipgenie Enterprise Application can significantly streamline your shipping operations. Shipment can be done for both domestic and international destinations.

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