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ShipGenie is single-stop for all modes of shipping quotes, booking, insurance, routing, supplies and more. Subscription based, with an interface designed by shipping managers like yourself and true transparency with ability to use your negotiated rates or ours instead. Of course, shipment tracking, geo-fencing, auto-allocation, freelancers / store employees delivery, customer / provider feedback and analytics dashboards are all built into the platform. 

Hello shipping,  meet fulfillment.


ShipGenie negotiates for each delivery in real time, across multiple modes of providers and their respective service codes to provide reliable delivery and lower cost while maintaning the desirable customer experience. You can transparently use our account or use your negotiated rates, secure realtime store-to-door delivery services based on your specific budget, timeline, customer location. it uses advanced AI to predict costs, time delays and delivery issues before they happen and notifies people who can make amends, in time. More power in your hands.



The Delivery is important. It is also important to know how it was done, that your revneue recognition is done ASAP and failures are processed with relaibility. ShipGenie works on your behalf automatically to capture & update deliveries from your ERP / eCommerce / Transportation system, suggest the appropriate shipper providing optimal delivery using your business rules and provides the the analytics and insights you need to keep improving the Delivery Experience.

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  • "We couldn't find a better solution to integrate with Delloop, It just works."
    Lou SchillaciLou SchillaciFounder, Delloop
  • "When ShipGenie showed their delivery transparency with cost effective reliability, it was an Aha moment for customers of GreyGizmos and for our shipping team"
    Claire LinleyClaire LinleyDirector,